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I’ve read that Azura has hit more problems, probably electrical ones. She has diverted to Bergen – AIS shows her berthed there already – and will now not arrive in Southampton until Saturday sometime at the earliest, maybe even Sunday. The next cruise has been delayed until Sunday, and will now only last for 12 nights instead of 14. Passengers on the next cruise have been offered a reduction in price on that cruise of 15% plus, I gather, 10% off their next P&O cruise.

As if that wasn’t enough, both Oriana and Ventura have been delayed leaving Southampton today. This seems to be because of the extreme weather conditions in the English Channel, with very high winds during today and earlier this evening. But the conditions are moderating now. Oriana is beginning a 21-night cruise to the Black Sea and back, while Ventura is starting a 14-night Iberian coast cruise, with calls at ports in Portugal, Spain, and Morocco.

22 Responses to “More problems on Azura – and delays to Ventura and Oriana”

  1. Janet says:

    We were on Azura’s first transatlantic and left port a day late to avoid the remains of a hurricane. We then went to the Azores instead of Tenerife to skirt round the worst of the weather, we still spent days in bad seas with the sea breaking over the front of the ship. We thought it a good decision by the captain.

  2. orcadiana says:

    Booked on this ship to leave Southampton on Friday. P&O have advised that it will now leave for the Med on Sunday (hopefully) but that passengers booked for the Med cruise (8th May -23rd 2015) will receive an update via text e-mail tomorrow (7th May). From what I understand the ship underwent electrical problems after breaking her stern moorings at Geiranger in strong winds which drifted her close to the shore and whereupon she suffered electrical problems. She then embarked on the next stage of her voyage which was to be Stavanger but diverted to Bergen where she is currently located, undergoing repairs. Next update for passengers on the forthcoming Azura Med cruise will be tomorrow (7th) regarding status.

    • Chris says:

      We r booked on here as well think it is bad 15% back and we sail for 4 days so that leaves us with not many days ashore I not a happy bunny

  3. Kayaker says:

    15% off what a insult complete ruins everyone’s holiday & 15% off what a joke P&O.
    Then they also offer 10% off a future Cruise lol why would you want to go on another cruise after taking away 2 days off your holiday with next to nothing in return that’s no compensation just a little of the money you have already paid pure insult!
    Good way to keep passengers well done P&O

  4. Marina says:

    Agree 15% is not enough when you take two days out and two ports out, therefore we gave to spend more money on board. It should be at least 25% in my opinion. So very disappointed.

  5. Dave says:

    Just getting your money back ,inbound getting £100.0 credit and an extra day , we get money back and no extra for the loss of 2 days .And all the hasle of changing your plans

  6. keith thomas says:

    15% is not compensation it is a refund for the days lost. So at present the compensation amounts to a 10% discount on a future cruise. £100 additional on-board spending money plus the 15% refund would be nearer the mark.

  7. Anthony Mills says:

    Well two days represents about 15% of full 14 however apart from travel problems now for most going to Southhampton. are we to lose Cadiz & Barcelona and still retain Gibralter.Most recent reviews on cruises express a desire to avoid Gib and therefore the compensation is not sufficient

  8. Patricia says:

    Yes disappointing but not their fault. Don’t let a little hassle spoil your holiday we have travelled from Australia for this trip and P&O will reimburse our hotel/food in Southamptom for the two day delay. I know we will still enjoy our holidays d hope all the whingers don’t spoil it for us.. Happy travelling

  9. Pam says:

    Just heard P&O are dropping Cadiz and Naples ( for Pompei , Sorrento and other interesting excursions ) on this two day reduced 14 day cruise , shame on P&O , These stops would have high priority as places to visit , for a lot of passengers this will be extremely disappointing , especially as we will still be visiting Gibralter! A stop that should be dropped ! That alone requires adequate compensation ,

    • Tom Burke says:

      I think the reason for keeping Gibraltar is to do with Duty Free. Not just bought in Gibraltar itself, but the duty free goods offered on board the ship. In order to do this lawfully the ship has to visit a non-EU port, and Gibraltar is exactly that. If the ship only visits ports in the EU then I believe it cannot offer duty-free goods – it will be regarded as never having the EU and therefore having to charge VAT and duty.

  10. Glen says:

    After having to cancel a4 day cruise on oriana in April due to bad weather and norovirus we hoped we might have a better experience this time round…..Wrong 2days delay and in their own brochure they state that any cancelled or altered cruise itinerary will be subject to 20% discount off of another cruise so people DO NOT accept only 10%. P&O are taking the piss never will I book again with them,and certainly will not be recommending them to anyone else…..P&O = Pissed Off…….

  11. Ann Ryall says:

    I am not surprised that the Azura is having more problems, as we had toilets out of order, flood on deck 11. Some people didn’t have any hot water for 3 days. And this is only a few of the problems that people had to put up with.However we didn’t let it spoil our enjoyment .But would really think twice before I book another P&O Cruise. Cruise date 19th April – 1st May.

  12. Patricia says:

    I really hope I don’t meet any of your whingers on the cruise.. Get over it things happen in life that you have no control over.. Just enjoy the days we have😍

  13. Vickie says:

    I couldn’t agree more. We’ve still got 12 glorious days to look forward to. Happy holidays.

  14. Paul says:

    Not all passengers on the med cruise were informed before they had left their homes, Tom. I had left home to travel to Southhampton and didn’t receive an email (3) until I’d got internet access again at my hotel on Thursday night. I haven’t contacted P&O yet, I would imagine their customer care teams will be very busy. If I get compensated for my extra hotel stays and out of pocket expenses, then fair enough.
    I now have a chance, while I’m waiting , to visit the Isle of Wight and Oxford. Two places I’ve never been to before.
    Still would have preferred Naples and Cadiz but hey ho!
    I’m still going to enjoy my second ever cruise, no matter what !
    Happy sailing everyone.

  15. Allie Sommerville says:

    Just arrived home from that cruise to Norway. In a way, all the problems that occurred did us a favour, as we missed the storm over the North Sea and got an extra day and night on board.
    Apparently 500 passengers were almost stranded in Geranger when something happened to Azura’s moorings. Seems it was too windy to tender them back on board. Luckily we’re late risers and hadn’t even thought of leaving the ship by then! After stopping in Flam for an extra night because of ‘problems’, it was deemed too risky to get to Stavanger so we ended up heading to Bergen and staying overnight.
    We were disappointed to miss two of the four stops, but there-again, once you’ve seen one fjord you’ve seen them all. Would have been nice to stroll round Stavanger though.
    Everyone was ‘given’ £100 compensation to SPEND ON BOARD! If you didn’t spend it, you lost it. We came out owing about a fiver on our accounts, and I now have some expensive pink ‘shellacked’ finger nails. Most people went on a spending spree for booze resulting in P&O getting all and more of that £100 back in one way or another.
    We have 20% off our next P&O cruise, but not whether we’ll go with them again.
    I ended up feeling sorry for the Captain, as it wasn’t his fault. He seemed embarrassed to keep making public announcements, and everyone winced to hear the latest bad news.
    Enjoyed ourselves anyway!

  16. Ian says:

    we were on the azura for this our first cruise it has not put us of going on another the captain had no choice but to divert for the safety of the passengers and crew who all did a fantastic job even tho we miss out on our shore excursion and a day late back home we had a lovely time thank you to all the crew

  17. Tom – received your email, but couldn’t log into the site. Yes you can use my comment!

  18. Andrew says:

    We were on the Azura to the med that was cut short by 2 days. Firstly why 2 days as the ship was back in Southampton on the Saturday morning, second 15% is only the 2 days we lost so NO compensation, third, 10% off the next P&O cruise, well that’s worth nothing as their will not be a NEXT P&O cruise.
    Been on Royal Carribean, Celebrity and Princess (I know they are the same company as P&O but far better at it!) and P&O are by far the worst. I have made my feelings known to the CEO of Carnival UK and am awaiting a response from him. I will not hold my breath!!!!!

  19. Jan Williams says:

    I went on the Med cruise. It was my first cruise, vey disappointed about missing Cadiz and Naples and I will not sail again. Can I insist on cash instead of the 10%?

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