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Azura spent last night in the port of Flam (in Norway) instead of on passage to Stavanger. The overnight stay was the result of an as-yet not fully defined ‘electrical problem’. However she’s underway now and will spend the day cruising in the relevant fjords, before heading straight back to Southampton where she’s due on  Friday. Passengers have been offered £100 compensation for missing Stavanger.

There’s some confusion as to the cause of the problem. She broke a line the day before in Geiranger as a result of high winds, there has been a suggestion that she may have grounded briefly and lightly, and that this grounding might be the cause of yesterday’s electrical problem. However, the captain said in his announcement to passengers this morning that the two events were not connected.

She’s currently on cruise A509N.

4 Responses to “Azura stuck in Flam last night”

  1. Sharon Robinson says:

    Hi we are due on the azura friday 8th May, but just been called to advise that the azura was in bergen and at present we will not sail until the sunday. Is it really on its way back to Southampton today?

    • Tom Burke says:

      Sharon – thanks for the comment. ~I’ve just a short post about this, but the current position is Azura is in Bergen.

  2. Marie says:

    Thank you for this info Tom. We are were due to board the Azura on Friday, too. We just had a call from P&O to inform us of the situation. Had to rearrange taxis, coach transfers and are hoping that the delay will not be any longer than Sunday. Hope no serious damage done to ship she was grounded. I’ll be even more paranoid now, lol.

  3. Dayveedz says:

    We’ve had the same message from P&O as Sharon. The cruise will be reduced from 14 days to 12. Completely upsets our arrangements for visiting the Sa Grada Familia in Barcelona (due there on Wednesday) and the Sistine Chapel in Rome on Friday.
    P&O’s rules say
    “If P&O Cruises makes a significant alteration to the Package it will inform the Passenger or his travel agent as soon as reasonably possible. The Passenger will have the choice of either accepting the alteration, accepting an offer of an alternative Package of comparable standard if available (P&O Cruises will refund any price difference if the alternative is of a lower value) or cancelling the Package and receiving a full refund of all monies paid.”
    A two day reduction in the length of a 14 days cruise is certainly a ‘significant reduction’, so folks need to consider which of the choices they will accept.

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