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Oriana NOT for sale

Original post: This webpage has been spotted.

As the original observer has commented, “Sad day if true…”. However, response has suggested that this may just be a ‘trawl’ – the brokers put up a page for a ship which they think might be available put a suggested price tag on it, and if they get what looks like a good bite from a possible customer, they’ll approach the ac tuasl ship owner and try to complete a deal (with themselves as middlemen, of course). So it’s probably nothing at all….. and the images are old – they don’t have the new livery.

Nonetheless, given all the hoopla over Britannia, and the existence of Azura and Ventura in the fleet, some of the older ships, e.g. Oriana and Aurora, look a little out of place. Of course, many P&O customers love them, in fact more so than the newer, larger ships.

It’s also the case that Oriana was built by P&O before the Carnival takeover. It might be therefore be the case that the ownership of Oriana is more straightforward than that of later ships.

Hopefully this is just a speculative trawl, however.

Update: P&O have confirmed that Oriana is definitely not for sale.

4 Responses to “Oriana NOT for sale”

  1. Tom, it’s the 1st of May. I’ll guess that some joker is a month adrift. LOL

    Oriana X624 (16 December 2016 for 16 nights now selling.

    • Tom Burke says:

      Well, I did wonder about that but I do check the dates of these things now. Especially as I was once caught out by a lovely story about how Ann Widdecombe met Eminem and how they got on very well. It was in The Independent on 1 April some year and I didn’t happen to read it until a few days later, and for a couple of years I believed it – it was just crazy enough to be true.

      You’re quite possibly right, however. Either that or it’s a very optimistic market trawl. Suppose someone was prepared to offer silly money for Oriana – would Carnival consider it?

  2. John says:

    It is interesting that the same story on cruise.co.uk was pulled within 20 hours of being published. guess P&O must have had a word with them.

  3. Matt B says:

    This post did make me smile a little, as someone in the industry did tell me last year that Oriana, whilst not officially up “for sale”, would be “let go” if the “right price” was offered to Carnival. My parents LOVE Oriana so I’ve enjoyed teasing them with this information, and seeing this today made me think I might send them the link to the webpage to wind them up a little more 🙂

    I also am very fond of the Oriana (partly because of the Canberra feel in places which I cruised on extensively as a child and teen 87-97) and am on her again this July, but her age is sadly really beginning to catch up with her in many ways.

    Incidentally I was on a ship visit on Britannia today and was told it is actually Aurora that is the P&O ship which holds the highest repeat booking rate by quite some margin (am always quite surprise how freely they share info at these things). We were also told some entertainment acts can sometimes be a problem for Oriana (and Oceana) as they are usually allocated into old “bunks” whereas the rest of the fleet they get much nicer cabins or standard passenger cabins if lucky.

    Only one deck of balcony cabins on Oriana does limit what can be generated revenue wise also, no matter how easily she fills up. I feel that her next refit and the extent of that will be very telling indeed…..

    Going off topic a little, but thought you might be interested Tom, I also asked today what’s happening with Adonia – I was told the staff haven’t been told any more than the public at this point, but it was acknowledged there is a lack of info and that “rumours” about her leaving are certainly being fueled by the absence of any firm itineraries etc.

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