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Problem with Oriana?

Oriana in Miami 19 April

Oriana in Miami 19 April

The image above is from a webcam in the Port of Miami – you can see that it’s times at 06:23, and it was taken this morning. That’s a bit of a surprise because Oriana was supposed to be at Key West today (19 April) having visited Miami yesterday. At the moment I can’t find any hard information, but there is a suggestion that Oriana experienced some sort of problem after leaving Miami yesterday evening – an engine room fire has been suggested, but I have no further information about that – and subsequently returned (or was ordered to return by the US Coastguard) to Miami.

I’ll post more when I have more to post.

Update: there’s a suggestion on the P&O Group Facebook page that Oriana will depart from Miami at 8am local time; that’s about 1pm BST. This comes from someone in the UK who’s in touch with passengers on board Oriana.

Update at 1:15 – Oriana has cast off her lines and is preparing to depart Miami.

Update at 1:30 – Oriana has moved off her berth and navigating slowly towards the open sea.

Final update: AIS (via Marine Traffic) is suggesting that her destination is New Orleans, which means that she has missed her call at Key West.

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