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Britannia for 2016

We’ve heard that our ‘Expression of Interest’ for Britannia in 2016 has successfully been turned into an actual booking. We’ll be going to the fjords on Britannia on 29 May in a GB category cabin – ‘Balcony cabin with sofa’.

As usual we have booked early, because of Val’s job. It’s very much project-based, each project last about 9 months, and she needs to be able to give the project manager her holiday dates at the beginning of a new project. So it makes sense to book as soon as possible.

2 Responses to “Britannia for 2016”

  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    Hi Tom, you make it sound like P&O decided that you are taking a cruise on Britannia, rather that you. 😉


  2. Matt B says:

    Enjoy, Tom.

    I’m doing the same cruise in August, so look forward to reading your review before I go on mine! I’ve only been on Britannia for a lunch/tour and looking forward to seeing how the ship works out on an actual cruise.

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