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Azura Refit

Azura is on her way to Hamburg for a minor refit, her first since entering service five years ago. She’s due to arrive in the Elbe this evening, and will enter the dry dock at the Blohm + Voss shipyard sometime later tonight of tomorrow. Her next cruise is due to start on 19 April so that allows just under two weeks for the refit.

This seems to be a “wash & brush-up” job. There will be the usual maintenance on components that can’t be touched while the ship is in service – I’ve seen a reference to the fresh-water pipes, for example. One of the shops (the holiday essentials one, I think) will be relocated to deck 5, and the the Seventeen restaurant will be renamed/rebranded ‘The Epicurean’, in line with the restaurant on Britannia. I’m not sure if that will involve a change of menus. Then there will be a general refurbishment of passenger areas and some work in the cabins – carpets and furnishings have been mentioned, for example. But that’s it – there are no dramatic new facilities.

She will of course get the flag over the bows and have her funnel repainted.

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  1. Lynn hackling says:

    Hi just come back from cruise on Ventura had fab time , in cabin D218 looking tired in places, booked 2017cruise on azura in cabin D217 any information on it would be appreciated as taking our daughter who is autistic will it be suitable for her. Thanks.

    • Tom Burke says:


      Well, I’ve never stayed in a D deck cabin but I would expect D217 on Azura to be almost the same, in terms of size, layout and facilities as D218 on Ventura – I don’t think there’s any real difference between the two ships. Everything on Azura will be newer, of course, given that the ship itself is a couple of years younger than Ventura, but apart from that I would expect them to be essentially the same.

  2. Paul says:

    Son just had a phone call to say his first ever cruise which was due to depart Friday from Southampton will be delayed now until Sunday. Technical problems with the Azura apparently. Assume he must be due some money back for this ?

  3. Linda E. says:

    Just back from canaries cruise … Didn’t notice much internal refurb. Carpets on corridors c deck were new but not inside cabin. Bed in cabin had very poor linen and extremely dingy pillow cases. P&O should have spent more money on passenger cabins than a fresh coat of paint and ‘lipstick’. Very tatty seats in sports bar. Only one foot stool per balcony cabin … Superior balcony grade get two! No bathrobes either in regular balcony. We did have lots of norovirus though … Left ship on Red alert. Next sailing delayed for a deep clean. Staff were saying 900 cases but this was not confirmed. Serious enough to close the Beach House. Presumed this was because it was situated and used during the day as a buffet area.

    • Tom Burke says:

      Thanks for the comment, and apologies for the delay in approving it – I’ve been on a short holiday.

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