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I wasn’t on the maiden voyage myself – life as a new retiree has revolved around Sheffield so far but there will be some upcoming trips shortly. (Lovely word, ‘upcoming’). Anyway, here are links to a couple of reviews that I’ve either found or been notified about.

First is this one from ‘Solent Richard’. He and his wife seem to be experienced cruisers – he’s on the Caribbean tier of membership in the P&O Peninsular club, where Val and I are still languishing at Mediterranean level – so he’s able to bring a wealth of experience of cruises with P&O and with other lines to his review, and that shows. As befits a review of a maiden cruise, it majors on the ship itself and the overall cruise experience rather than the destinations.

Second is a review which takes the form of a series of posts by ‘Poster Boy’ on the Cruise Community forum – here’s a link. No pictures, unfortunately, but more text than Richard’s so these two reviews complement each other nicely.

They’re both generally very positive about Britannia and strongly suggest that as long as passengers go with an open mind about her – yes, she is big; yes, there’s no Promenade deck; etc – a very satisfying cruise can be had and enjoyed.

I’m feeling more and more that I do fancy trying her. I have been thinking about just a week (perhaps a fjords cruise next year) but I’m not sure that leaves enough time to really experience everything. Just take the dining choices, for example: is seven nights long enough to sample a) the MDR; b) The Epicurean; c) Sindhu; d) The Limelight Club; e) The Beach House; f) The Glasshouse? Well, yes, I suppose it is, but you’d never know whether you were coming or going.

What seems to be true, however, is that Britannia’s maiden voyage was a success and that’s good news.

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  1. Thanks for the link in your blog Tom, which of course I also follow. I was already considering a follow on review of the actual social life on board Britannia. It really was good and I can categorically state that the vast majority of passengers we met were of the same opinion as we were. Thanks again.

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