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I’ve received a couple of brochures today giving initial details of P&O’s summer/winter 2016 schedules for their ships. Well, not quite all their ships – there’s no list of voyages or dates for Adonia.

we are currently planning for Adonia to spend the summer of 2016 in the Caribbean

Instead, there’s a comment in the covering letter (from P&O) saying that they “…are developing an exciting new set of itineraries for Adonia but have not been able to finalise them in time for the publication of the 2016/17 brochure…… What we can tell you is that we are currently planning for Adonia to spend the summer of 2016 in the Caribbean…”

The rest of the deployments are pretty much as expected. There’s the usual mix of mainly 7 and 14-night cruises. Oceana will spend summer 2016 doing fly-cruises, shuttling between Genoa and Venice (similar to this year), and the other ships will be doing the usual itineraries from Southampton to the Mediterranean, the Canaries, the Fjords, Iceland, the Baltic and Iberia. However, there might be fewer classic Baltic cruises next year than previously – I can only see 6 cruises going to St Petersburg.

Prices look to be a little bit higher. It’s harder to do detailed comparisons now that P&O don’t include them in the brochure; however last Spring we booked a cruise on Azura for this coming September for 14 nights to the Mediterranean at a price of £1700 each. An almost-exactly equivalent cruise – same ship, same period, similar itinerary, equivalent cabin – starts at just over £1800 for 2016, once the ‘previous  passenger’  discount (5%) is taken into account.

But I will be interested to learn more about Adonia’s summer 2016 schedule. Not the normal 14-night round-the-islands itinerary, I hope – perhaps we’ll see voyages up the Amazon or something similar.

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  1. Matt B says:

    Hi Tom, I found this article online which has since been taken down but still accessible via Google’s “cache” feature. Not sure if any truth as the article seems to have been written on the strength of unconfirmed info, or whether Carnival/P&O requested it be taken down.


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