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This is the second post reporting on the visit I made to Britannia on 13 March. You can find the first one, which dealt with the public spaces in and around the atrium, here. This new post covers Britannia’s restaurants.


Main dining rooms

Main Dining Room

Main Dining Room

First up will be the main dining rooms. As on Azura and Ventura, there are three of these, and they are in very similar locations as well: two are just off the Atrium on decks 5 and 6, and the third is aft on deck 6. I’m not clear at the moment what the proportion devoted to Freedom as against Club dining will be, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was 2:1 in favour of Freedom dining. The image above is of one of the MDRs – I think it’s the Meridian, but it could be the one on the deck above, the Peninsular.


The buffet

Next, let’s head off to the buffet – or as it’s known on Britannia, the Horizon Restaurant.

You can see a range of tables, although as far as I could tell there were none of the round tables familiar from Ventura. There was also the ‘diner counter’ seating, up against the (apparently) tiled wall – I’m not sure I would want to eat a meal with that just a few inches away from my face. Of most interest were the food stations which were free-standing units away from the food preparation areas. Looking at the deck plans there seem to be two rows of these with three such stations in each. I wasn’t able to work out if each of these stations simply repeated the same choices as each the others – I would hope so, otherwise passengers will end up wandering from station to station looking for something they might fancy. (Mind you, experience on other ships tells me that passengers will end up doing exactly that. I’m not being critical, either – there have been occasions when I’ve done it myself.) Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the area described on the deck plan as ‘Beach House evening’.


Speciality restaurants

Next there are the two speciality restaurants, The Epicurean and Sindhu. The latter is already familiar from Azura, while the former will be similar in essence, I’m sure, to The White Room on Ventura or Seventeen on Azura. Probably more like Seventeen as I gather that Marco Pierre White’s involvement on Britannia is just the menus in the main dining rooms on Captain’s Gala nights – the menu in The Epicurean is not an MPW creation. I’ve enjoyed meals in Sindhu, The White Room and Seventeen on Azura and Ventura so I’m sure I would enjoy meals in these restaurants on Britannia.


The Cookery Club

This is definitely a new addition to P&O although similar concepts have been available on other lines, e.g. Celebrity Cruises, for a while.

The Cookery Club will provide two hour classes which will be “a great opportunity to learn from professionals…. Special cameras will pick up all of the finer detail and be relayed on screens for the participants to follow”. They’ll be suitable for both beginners and keen cooks. At the end, the class will be able to enjoy (we hope) what they’ve cooked. There’s a celebrity chef involved here – James Martin – who will be on a few cruises. When he’s doing the classes they will cost £100 per person, but when he’s not on board specially-trained P&O chefs will give the classes for just £45 per person. Could be a bargain…. I’ll be honest, this concept doesn’t float my boat so I wouldn’t be a customer, but I recognise that for many people it does, and it looks as if the facilities that have been provided are first rate.


Other outlets

Let’s not forget that The Glasshouse and The Limelight Club (both covered as locations in the first post) will also be serving meals. The Glasshouse will be continuing with its staples of small but tasty steaks, etc, and there will be new dishes, e.g. a Wagu (?) beef burger and a some seafood dishes – crab slider (?) and a lobster bun. (As I was writing that I couldn’t help thinking of Mr CMOT Dibbler’s Sausage inna Bun….but you need to be a fan of the late and much lamented Terry Pratchett to understand the reference.) As regards the Limelight Club, I haven’t been able to find out anything about what will be on the menu. However, the information I’ve got says that it will serve ‘three course meals’; but on the other hand, it will probably be dark in there during performances. So my assumption is that the food in the Limelight Club will be secondary to the performances, or at least will only be part of the overall experience.



P&O are clearly trying to push dining concepts forward on Britannia. The ‘Food Heroes’ have been a staple of the advertising, and I’m sure that P&O are hoping that the references to these names will help them attract new passengers from outside their normal demographic. We’ve got used to the speciality restaurants in the last few years so it’s easy to forget how very good they are, and I’m sure that The Epicurean and Sindhu will continue that tradition. The biggest buzz is reserved for the Cookery Club and the Limelight Club which are definitely aimed at a new sort of passenger. Let’s hope that P&O are successful in attracting them, because I’m not sure how ready most of the P&O faithful would be for an evening in the Limelight Club, or to pay £45 for a cookery class. At the same time P&O do need to continue to cater for their faithful customers, and to this end both the buffet and Club Dining in the MDR will still be available. I don’t envy P&O’s task, actually – trying to develop the product in interesting ways to attract new customers, while retaining the existing ones.  But I think they’ve done a good job in maintaining the existing provision and adding completely new things as well. Also, I felt that the quality of everything I saw in the restaurants was first class, so it looks like a top-dollar experience. Only time will tell how successful it will actually be, but I can’t see much wrong with the concepts they’re introducing, nor the balance between traditional and new.

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