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ABP (Southampton) have posted some details for the arrival of Britannia on Friday. This is very much from a ‘port management’ perspective – it’s worth remembering that in the case of Southampton the harbour master is actually an ABP employee. Here’s a link to the full Notice.

This is the expected timetable for the arrival:

  • 10:00 Embark Pilot off Nab
  • 11:40 Pass Prince Consort Bouy
  • 12:35 Pass Dock Head
  • 13:05 Having swung in the Middle Swinging Ground, hold position off Mayflower Park for a parachute drop to Mayflower Park
  • 13:30 Proceed to berth Ocean Dock
  • 13:40 Swing off Ocean Dock
  • 14:00 Berth at Ocean Dock

So there’s quite a lot of activity and a chance for people to take a good look at Britannia at a reasonable time of the day. Mind you, the parachute drop will depend on the wind being acceptable – in fact, I’m not sure how I’d feel about doing a parachute drop (assuming I could parachute, which I can’t) into as congested an area as Mayflower Park, especially with deep water alongside. I see that Friday’s weather forecast is suggesting south-westerly winds of around 13mph for Southampton at noon – I’m not sure if that will affect things or not.

I feel quite regretful that I won’t be there myself, but on this occasion I have to give it a miss. However, I shall ask Andrew Sassoli-Walker if he can send me some pictures of her – I’m sure he will be out with his camera. And I shall be visiting Southampton on Friday 13th for my ship visit – my inclusion in that and all the arrangements have been confirmed this week. I won’t be the first with pictures her interiors, I’m sure, but I hope to get some anyway.

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  1. Solent Richard says:

    There you go Tom…

    I posted two photos of Britannia passing Calshot Spit on the Bolsover Cruise Club Forum an hour ago.

    Feel free to copy them.

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