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P&O have today issued the following announcement:

P&O Cruises is pleased to announce that her Majesty The Queen, accompanied by His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, will name the new P&O Cruises vessel Britannia at ocean Terminal, Southampton, on Tuesday March 10, 2015.

Here’s a link to the page about it on the P&O Cruises website.

I was in fact all set to do another post this morning relaying a further clue – someone posted on the P&O Facebook page that they’d very recently been to a concert by the Royal Marines Band, and a member thereof mentioned to them that their next concert would be at Southampton for the Queen on 10 March – but I didn’t get the chance to finish the post before P&O made their announcement.  However I shall award myself half-a-pat on the back for getting the clues right in my previous post; but only half-a-pat because I think the clues were pretty obvious, and someone else had pointed them out to me.

(But the Royal Family engagements webpage is still just saying that Her Majesty ‘will visit Hampshire’ on 10 March.)

One Response to “Confirmed – Her Majesty will name Britannia on 10 March”

  1. Gary says:

    The Queen also has a ‘will visit Kent’ on 26 March so it might not be that uncommon for them to use that phrase.

    Oh and Britannia has set sail.

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