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Well, it’s time to report that there may be some changes coming in this blog over the next few months. I’ve just passed a major milestone in my life – I’ve retired. On the one hand this will probably result in having more time available, some of which I could spend on the blog. On the other hand I want to spend some time travelling in the next few years, which (if I manage it) will interrupt regular blog service. Indeed, one of my thoughts is to add a second blog – “Tom’s Travel Blog” or something similar – though at the moment that hasn’t happened. If it does then obviously while I’m on a trip my blogging attention will be directed towards that blog rather than this one.

There’s another major point, however. The central point of this blog is that it is based on our personal experiences – detailed, almost day-by-day reviews of our cruises and other cruise-related activities, plus whatever cruise-related topic has interested me. I’ve done a number of posts about the new regulations at Venice and about cruise turnrounds at Liverpool because these topics caught my attention and interest. Other topics, doubtless equally interesting to other people, didn’t and hence weren’t covered. I haven’t used the blog to re-post press releases from the cruise lines because I assume that anyone really interested will already be getting that information from Facebook sites, discussion forums, and emails from the lines and other companies.

So that’s what the blog has been about in the eight or nine years it’s been going. Long-term readers may have noticed that recently we have started to wonder if we are going off cruising – that we may be all cruised-out. I’m not saying that we won’t be doing cruising in future – we have next September’s cruise on Azura booked, and we still want to do a Fjords cruise – but I have a feeling that the days of two cruises a year have gone. If it does turn out that we do less cruising in future , and that cruising ceases to be such a central focus of our leisure activity, then this will obviously affect what goes in the blog.

For the time being, however, it’s still business as usual. Also I do have one or two cruise-related blog ideas that the extra time I now have will make possible, and it might be that I will be able to develop these ideas in the spring. Let’s see what happens. One thing that’s certainly true is that the course of the next few years is unknown to me in a way that hasn’t been true for quite a while. Hopefully it will be interesting, and anything relevant will continue to appear in Tom’s Cruise Blog.

3 Responses to “Ch-ch-changes…..”

  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    Happy retirement Tom.

    Maybe trying different cruise lines, ships and itineraries could keep cruising fresh. How about the worlds rivers?

    • Tom says:

      Thanks for the wishes, Malcolm.

      We just can’t make our minds up about river cruising. There are things about it we would enjoy, but there are other things that seem restrictive. To put it in conventional terms, they’re very small ships with not a lot of choice of facilities. And they’re not cheap. But maybe, maybe.

  2. Brian Bland says:

    I too retired just under 3 years ago, it doesn’t mean you have to cut back to one cruise a year, with the flexibility retirement brings ” deals” are now available to you that probably weren’t before. For me I don’t have much of a pension and not massive savings but I still managed 3 cruises and 46 nights at sea last year. 28 days already booked for this year and hoping to pick up something late in the spring or early summer.

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