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I happened to come across an interesting page on the Daily Telegraph site – it lists the 15 largest cruise ships in the world. It’s an interesting mix with some unexpected entries – I hadn’t really grasped that NCL have three entries in the list, for example, nor that Carnival Cruise Line itself doesn’t have any despite having made some of the running 10/12 years ago or so.

Of course, the list is constantly changing. I believe that QM2 was the biggest when she went into service, but now she languishes at #8. Of course, Cunard aficionados would point out that she remains the largest ‘ocean liner’ in the world, and is unlikely to be challenged in that regard.

There are further changes coming up, of course. The MSC duo at =#14 will disappear from the list altogether this spring: first, P&O’s Britannia (near-sister to Princess’ Royal & Regal Princesses) enters service at the end of March, and then Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas does so a month later. And I have a feeling that Royal Caribbean have ordered a third oasis class ship, and also that NCL may be building another big ship. So the list continues to change.

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  1. Good afternoon Tom. P&O’s Britannia enters service a few weeks before the end of March. The Maiden cruise sets off from Southampton on 14 march and the invites for the christening ceremony prior to that are out.

  2. Malcolm says:

    Number 13 in the Daily Telegraph list is not the Quantum of the seas, looks very much like P&O Ventura.

  3. Malcolm says:

    Hi Tom,

    Yes NCL joined the mega-ship game a few years ago with Epic, then Breakaway and Getaway. MSC are set to move up the list too, over the next few years. I believe the forthcoming Norwegian Escape will be the third biggest class of ship behind RCI’s Quantum and Oasis class.

    Carnival have stagnated since ‘ Carnival Destiny’ which was the biggest cruise ship in the world in 1995. (We could claim that QM2, the biggest in 2002, was there’s too).

    Princess’s ‘Grand Princess’ (1998) was the biggest at that time.

    Their image of Quantum is Ventura or Azura!

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