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We got out onto the Promenade deck and did four laps around it for the sake of some exercise. We occupied the rest of the day by going to a port talk (in which I dozed off), spent a long while sat up in the Crows Nest reading, and finally had a rest back in the cabin. Then it was time to get ready for the fun…

We did in the end go to the Captain’s Gala, around the Neptune Pool, and in fact, when compared to some we’ve been to on Ventura, it was a civilised and enjoyable affair. It took the same format as they always do: there was a free drink and we circulated, then the Captain arrived and told a few jokes (not too bad In this case – Captain Lane seems pretty relaxed with the public speaking), he announced the winner of the employee of the Month award, and then he introduced the heads of departments – the deputy Captain, chief engineer, and so on. Then it was off to dinner.

Dress code observance was as close to 100% as makes no difference – indeed, I don’t think I saw any of the men not wearing either a dinner suit, business suit, or a kilt, while the ladies were all elegant and beautiful (of course). The food was certainly ok – I had some lamb for main course which was tasty and tender. Val had a goat’s cheese soufflé which was a bit bland, but (she’s just told me) was very light, thus helping to avoid the ‘feeling stuffed at bedtime’ problem – always a potential problem when you’re on second sitting. After dinner we went to see a comedian (Micky Zany) in the theatre, and we enjoyed him. Then off to bed just before midnight.

Today we’re in Copenhagen, and we’re doing an excursion – “Christmas Castles of Copenhagen”. I’ll report later.

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