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Arcadia is at sea today, on a passage from Zeebrugge to Copenhagen. The wind picked up yesterday evening, and as a result the seas have got up as well. Overnight Arcadia was surprisingly stable, but perhaps as a result of turning northwards up the Danish coast, she began to roll a bit before breakfast and this motion has continued through the morning. Nothing too bad, just enough to know that you’re at sea.

We’re having an easy day, possibly in order to psych ourselves up for the Captain’s Gala and first formal dinner this evening. That said, I think we’ll give the Gala a miss; we’ve been to a lot of these and have shaken hands with far too-many glassy-eyed-looking captains.

I’ve taken the opportunity to have a look at what I can of the changes that came from the refit just over 12 months ago. To be honest I don’t think the changes to the shops make much difference, nor the addition of glass doors to the Globe. The really big change is to the Crows Nest which is now a superb room. The colour scheme is both relaxing and just warming enough, there are eye-level screens that break up the expanse of the space around you, and the bar is more of a feature than it was. The two areas ’round the corner’, away from the bow, are even more relaxing than before as all the seating has been renewed. We’re sat up here as I write this blog post, in fact.

Just aft of the Crows Nest are the new cabins. There are two short corridors (one each side) just aft of the forward stairs, and running almost as far back as the sliding cover over the Neptune pool. Obviously I haven’t been able to inspect any of these cabins but I imagine that they’re very pleasant.there’s the usual mixture of balcony and inside. I can’t remember if they include any singles – they may.

We’ve been able to book an excursion in Oslo, ‘Oslo Highlights’, which is a coach ride around the city with about an hour on foot. I’m not entirely sure where we’re going – the sculpture park was mentioned, as was one of the museums – but at least we now have A Plan. Given that the forecast temperatures for Oslo are about -5 degrees even during the day, I think not spending too much out in the open will be good.

But that’s not until Wednesday – before that we have our call at Copenhagen to enjoy as well as tonight’s formal dinner. I’ll report on that tomorrow morning. And what do you know – the weather is brightening up, and I may see if they’re letting passengers out onto the Promenade – they weren’t earlier.



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  1. rosie says:

    We stayed in S2 the mini suite ,right hand side as you come out of the crows nest. It was huge-compared to a normal mini suite..no bath, lovely shower though.
    We like the new Arcadia.

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