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The Meridian restaurant is now divided into two – club dining in the lower level, and freedom dining in the upper. We’re on on club dining, second sitting on a table for eight which last night was fully occupied. Conversation went well, and as I suggested last summer, when that’s the case the issue about plated vs. silver service goes away – you don’t really notice how the food gets to you.

One other point – we looked into upper level as we walked around the Promenade. One of the points being made at the refurb was the increased number of two-seat tables in Freedom dining. Well, maybe; but there seemed to no more than a few inches gap between two such tables. It’s obvious that they were previously a four-seat table that’s been minimally separated.

We slept well apart from being woken twice by a ‘Ding!’ sound. On investigation this morning I discovered that I had left my phone turned on. The first Ding! was the phone being welcomed to France (at 1:47am); the second was the welcome to the Netherlands (at 5:35am); and finally, to Belgium at 7:47am (by which time we were stirring anyway). Val has been remarkably philosophical about these disturbances. For my part I’m impressed about being welcomed to the Netherlands before Belgium. Val wonders if the wind was blowing the signal down the channel….

Today we’re at Zeebrugge, and we’re doing an excursion to Ghent. More about that later.

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  1. Gary says:

    Those split two-seat Freedom tables were treated as a four when we were on in August, not what you want when you’ve chosen a table for two. We were often left waiting for the other table to finish, not a nice experience. We had one two-seat table that wasn’t next to another and the service was better that night. This was in contrast to Oriana in November where the tables are set out better and the service was also better. (I must point out that this was the only negative thing we found about Arcadia, we do really like her)

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