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Andrew Sassoli-Walker sent me these images today. Obviously, they’re of Aurora in Southampton. I think she looks good, although I’m not sure how good the funnel colour, which is OK on its own fits with the rest of it.

As Andrew said, there are obviously some problems with the paint used for the ‘P&O Cruises’ lettering on the beam – as you can see, it’s nearly worn away already.

3 Responses to “More pictures of Aurora's new livery”

  1. Gary says:

    Thanks to Andrew Sassoli-Walker for taking these photos and to you Tom for posting them. I must say i really do like the new livery, all of it. She’s got such a nice sleek design IMO and now she looks more modern and fresh. They’ll be no mistaking it’s a P&O ship from a distance with that funnel and the larger ‘P&O Cruises’ lettering (well when they’ve fixed it). And there’s no mistaking which countries market they’re aiming at with that bow either. The old muted design was well overdue for a change and I think they’ve done a good jub and not gone over the top.

    I note there’s a crane in the photo near where I believe they load the props for the theatre so maybe they’ve taken this opportunity to change the shows.

  2. Bill says:

    She looks good imo. As they say, “The lovely Aurora”. Can’t wait to see the changes on board and for 8th January. Last time we saw her it was inside the Grand Harbour Malta and we were on Arcadia.

  3. Malcolm Oliver says:

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    From ‘Tom’s Cruise Blog’. Thanks to Tom Burkes and Andrew Sassoli-Walker.

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