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The bag's on its way


Well, our tryout of The Baggage Handling Company passed another milestone today – their courier arrived punctually and collected the bag. It feels very odd waving goodbye to your luggage….

We packed the bag last Sunday and put as much into it as possible, given P&O’s weight limit of 20kgs for bags. So obviously the formal wear stuff went in, plus as many shirts and other stuff as possible, and so on. Then we weighed it (18.5kgs) and did it up. If you look at the image at the top, that’s how it looked after being sealed. Note especially the ‘Security Seal’ tag across the zip.

No sooner had we sealed it than we started remembering things that we really should have put in it, of course. Fortunately we were able to open the zip about two-thirds of the way across and slide things in without tearing the security seal. Then we weighed it again and found we’d reached 20kgs, which meant that whatever was in it was staying in and whatever wasn’t in it, was staying out.

The next requirement is to find it outside our cabin door on Saturday when we embark, of course….

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  1. Janet says:

    Hope you enjoy your Baltic cruise on Arcadia as much as we did.
    Merry Christmas.

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