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Not a lot, it seems! This may be why the excursions arranged for that day by P&O were so popular – as I said in an earlier post, they sold out very quickly.

I had assumed that we would be able to find something to do, but that’s looking less likely – most places are shut. Here’s a link to a website showing the opening hours for a host of places in Oslo for Christmas week. It looks as though almost as though as many places are shut on the 24th as on the 25th.

If it’s dry then we could go to the Vigeland Sculpture Park which I gather is open all year – it’s in the open air. But other than that – I think we’re stuffed. I had been hoping to visit the kon-Tiki museum – when I was boy, Thor Heyerdahl was definitely a hero – but it’s shut.

I hadn’t realised until a few years ago that some countries make as much of Christmas Eve as they do of Christmas Day, or almost. I first encountered this when I was liaising with some staff from one of my employer’s customers  in Germany. We had a job to finish ‘by Christmas’, and we were busy finishing it off on the 24th when  we discovered that the German contingent pretty much wasn’t there. A few phone calls elicited the response that in Germany, Christmas begins on the 24th – but they’d all be back on the 26th and they’d be happy to start working with us again then! Err, “perhaps not”, we said….

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  1. Good afternoon Tom. You may find most of your answers on this link…


  2. Malcolm Fowler says:

    Norwegians do I believe regard Christmas eve as an important time for families. It does not surprise me that they close up shop on that day.

  3. Neil Ringan says:

    Hi Tom. Had heard pretty much the same from one of the Ents Officers (sorry, Entertainment Host as they are now known !) when we were on Arcadia earlier this year. Apparently his ex was Norwegian and families gather very early on Christmas Eve so it doesn’t surprise me there is not much to do. My Mum has booked a trip to the Explorers Ships (sorry can’t remember the proper title) but myself and the OH will probably just have a wander if the weather is OK

    On the plus side, just been into the cruise personaliser for a final check and noticed Mum has been upgraded from a midships outside to a forward balcony for both J422 and J423 which is nice, though we are still in the cabin we were allocated last April when we booked even before the cruises were open for booking. Notice the Saver fares for this cruise a week out are pretty low (£699 for a balcony) but guess very few people would be able to go away for Christmas at a week or two notice

    Hope you have a great cruise and hopefully will bump into you at some point


    • Tom says:

      Thanks for the comment, Neil. The upgrade fairy hasn’t visited us, either – still in the Obstructed-view outside. But I can’t see a balcony cabin being a lot of use over Christmas, so we’re happy with what we booked. And the actual cabins are the same as the balcony cabins.

  4. Neil Ringan says:

    No problems Tom 🙂 We stay on in Southampton for J423 so hoping for some sun to get on the balcony in the Canaries – or at least warmth 🙂 You’re right that the obstructed outsides are identical to balconies (as on same deck) but the clear view outsides on Deck 1 (G deck) are a fair bit smaller as I recall – no sofa, etc etc

    I see she has left Gibraltar a few minutes ago and is on her way back to Southampton – just about finished packing so just the next 2 days of work to get through unscathed then we’re on the train to London then Southampton

  5. Hi Tom
    We’ve visited the Ski Jump at Holmenkollen a few times using the local train. It’s a nice journey climbing up through the hills and mountain area and if I remember correctly takes about 40 minutes. If you’re lucky with the weather the views are fantastic. I’m not sure if the Ski Museum and cafe will be open but we’ve just enjoyed the journey and surroundings in both the summer and winter. We love the snow so it was better in winter!
    We’ve also visited Vigeland a couple of times, once on an organised trip and another time when we caught a tram to get there then walked back to the centre. We think that there was a cafe or restaurant there but didn’t use it.
    Our other suggestion would be the Norsk Folkemuseum which we got to on a local bus easily enough. Again though it would depend on whether it is open on Christmas eve.
    Generally when we’re stuck for ideas in any particular port we just settle for a nice meal preferably with local specialities. That could be a bit pricey this time however!
    Have a fantastic cruise & make the most of the mulled wine on sailaway!
    All the best

  6. matthewb2 says:

    The link posted is museums, so I would kind of expect them to be closed over the xmas period. On xmas cruises in the past we’ve never struggled to find things to do at the ports landing on xmas eve and boxing day (some people do get off the ship at 8.30am and complain everything is shut and come back on, but even in the UK that’d be the case at that sort of time over xmas) and we’ve always found plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants open after 10/11am or so. Few years since done Oslo at xmas, but very much looking forward to Copenhagen again.

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