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We’ve received our ‘Information’ booklet from P&O; the formal statement of the itinerary, the lists of excursions, the luggage labels. The main point about it is that it’s another step that tells us the time is approaching. As Val has just said when she looked through it, “We must be going…”.

In this case there’s not a lot in it that we’ll use, unfortunately. We’ve already booked all the excursions we can and we’ve also already booked with the Baggage Handling company, so the included advert for them was wasted on us. That leaves just the luggage labels, and we do like to have the real ones, hence our continued use of the hard-copy booklet. But the luggage labels also tell us a bitter-sweet message; we are in the cabin we booked all those months ago. Once again the Upgrade Fairy does not seem to know our name. (It’s just occurred to me that I might have ticked the No Upgrade box, in which I can’t blame the upgrade fairy. Oh well.

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  1. matthewb2tt says:

    I’m on this cruise also but yet to receive our “booklet”!

    I booked it as it is very similar to the 7 night xmas cruise I did on Oceana in 2012 and it was excellent, so looking forward to this one and hope you have a great time also.

    • Tom says:

      Matthew, thanks for the comment. We’re beginning to look at the long-range weather forecasts.

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