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Since booking a bag with the Baggage Handling Company last weekend, we’ve received a letter from them. It contains a couple of luggage tags and some instructions.

The instructions give some details about the operation. Among other things, it says:

We will collect your luggage 3-4 working days prior to your departure for delivery to Arcadia sailing from Southampton on 20 December 2014

So they’ve picked up the actual details of our cruise from the information we gave them – that’s good. Then they go on to say:

Please attach the enclosed unique identification tag(s) to each case, either across the zip after you have finished packing, around the handle, or flat on the case. Also ensure all cruise labels are attached to your luggage before collection.

Then it goes on to say:

On your return to Southampton on 27 December a representative of the Baggage Handling Company will be in arrivals to meet you after have cleared customs. We are resent at the terminal from 08:00am to meet disembarking passengers, unless otherwise advised by you of an earlier disembarkation.

There are two  tags/labels – a big traditional luggage label (complete with string!) that obviously goes round the handle, and a smaller plastic-y self-adhesive strip; perhaps this is the one that’s supposed to go across the zip or flat on the case. Both have (among other things) a number – the same number on each – which presumably is our identifier. The reverse side of the large label has some interesting information on it, which gives us a big Clue as to how the operation works. There’s a white label on the tag, with an ‘APC Overnight’ logo and the words ‘Attach APC courier label here’. So it looks as if The Baggage Handling Company use couriers to move the luggage around. Silly me – I had visions of a bloke with a van full of bags just for cruises, endlessly travelling the length and breadth of the country….

Here are a couple of links: first for The Baggage Handling Company, and second for APC Overnight.

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