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The end of the season

Once again it has been a long time since I last posted. This always seems to be a quiet time of the year, and it’s hard to think of cruises when the clocks have just changed and the nights are drawing in.

But there have been developments, of course. I suppose the most important of these would be the delivery of Quantum of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s latest ship. I’ve done a few posts in the past about her (and about her planned sister, Anthem of the Seas) but I’ve never cruised with Royal Caribbean so she’s not been at the centre of my attention. If you’re looking for better coverage about her, I think the best place to look for it would be Malcolm Oliver’s Cruiseblog, where there is a lot of content about this ship.

Something else that had passed me by was that Ventura has finished her season in the Mediterranean. She’s currently on her transatlantic voyage to the Caribbean, where she’ll start her program of winter fly-cruises on the 7th of November. She’ll be joined by Azura on 14 November. I wonder how successful P&O found Ventura’s fly-cruise season in the Med? Apart from the high summer period (basically the school holidays) I got the feeling that there were a lot of late Saver fares to be had, at very generous prices.

As for us, we are slowly but surely beginning to get excited about our Christmas cruise on Arcadia. Next step will be to book the Baggage Handling Company to, err, handle our baggage. Then there will be an excursion or two to book, before we actually get to start the cruise. But it’s only 7 weeks or so away now.

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  1. Neil R says:

    Don’t leave booking excursions for J422 too late Tom – booked some the other day and 4 are sold out already (including 3 of the 6 on offer in Oslo)

    Am heading to Ghent with my Mum from Zeebrugge as we have both done Bruges a few times and Brussels is a bit too far in a day, plus a short one in Copenhagen so will probably have a walk in after that as I gather the port is close to city centre.

    Have also heard that Norway celebrates Christmas on Dec 24th evening so things may close in Oslo early

    • Tom says:

      Thanks for this, Neil – I shall be getting onto this asap.

      It’s a bit of a drag, though – we have lots of OBC for this cruise: initial booking (we chose to take OBC instead of free parking), plus an additional amount given to us in November last year as a result of a drop in the Vantage price, plus shareholder’s benefit, and I was intending to wait unit we boarded before booking most of our excursions. Looks like we may have to rethink.

  2. Neil R says:

    Yes, definitely a challenge when faced with lots of OBC. We are looking at a Ventura cruise in May 2015 which is in the current additional OBC promotion which would take us to about £700 between 2 of us with shareholder credit and FCD credit. We’d be away for a big birthday so would want to book White Room in advance to be sure we could go that night, so it is tricky to know whether to risk it and see what you can get on board !

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