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P&O have posted the video (shown below) in various places, including YouTube. It gives a bit more detail about the interiors of ship. This is mainly the public spaces, but it also includes a glimpse of a suite. These look like they’re still computer-generated, but it’s a bit more information.

From what we’re shown I like the look, especially as in many ways it looks familiar. We’ve seen the ‘dark interiors’ approach for restaurants, for example East on Ventura; we’ve seen the ‘traditional bar with club chairs’ look in Andersons on Oriana and doubtless other places; and with some of the bars on both Azura and Ventura (The Glass House, Metropolis) they’ve nailed the smart, late-evening bar. So this all looks very familiar and inviting.

Inviting enough to cruise on her? Perhaps, with the right itinerary – I’m thinking perhaps a Fjords or even a mainstream Baltic cruise where perhaps the small balcony and lack of promenade deck won’t be such a factor. But I don’t think she’d be my choice for  a mainstream Mediterranean or Caribbean cruise.

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  1. Philip Hurst says:

    I think it looks all rather bland, and too much like the American Princess ships. Comfortable maybe, but certainly not British in any way, apart from the vulgar flag motif on the bow. It could be the interior of any mainstream, large American cruise ship; there are very few tangible “P&O” touches. On the other hand, the overall exterior design, humungousness notwithstanding, is far better looking than the deeply ugly Ventura and Azura design.

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