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Aurora refit

I’ve found some details of the forthcoming refit for Aurora. (Actually, they weren’t hard to find – they’re on the P&O ‘Our World’ site.) Here’s a summary:-

  • Changes to her appearance – the Union flag will be painted on her bows, and the funnels will become blue with a ‘Rising Sun’ symbol;
  • Part of the Medina restaurant will be made Freedom Dining;
  • There will be a Sindhu restaurant with an Atul Kochhar menu – it’ll be located where the Library currently is, at the top of the Atrium;
  • A new Library will be built just off the Crows Nest, which will also get/become a Costa outlet;
  • The existing Cafe Bordeaux will be replaced by a Glass House;
  • The current pub/casino area will be replaced, by a Brodies and some single cabins;
  • There will be a makeover of the children’s clubs/facilities;
  • There will be refurbishments to the passenger cabins;
  • I think the retail areas will be smartened; and
  • I think there will be some single cabins.

I’ve never been on Aurora so I can’t comment on the disappearance of some of her existing facilities. I can imagine that features such as Cafe Bordeaux will have had their fans, so some people may be disappointed by these changes. As regular readers will know we’re big fans of The Glass House on Azura and Ventura and of Sindhu on Azura, so the existence of these features on Aurora is very attractive to us. Who knows, we might cruise on her yet – although I’ve noticed that prices on Aurora are always higher for equivalent cruises than those on Ventura and Azura.

The refit is scheduled for the period between the end of November and mid-December this year. Here’s a link to the ‘Our World‘ page.

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