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We’ll shortly be off to south Devon for a week on a non-cruise holiday. This will actually be the longest non-cruise holiday we’ll have had for – well, ever since we started cruising in 2005. It’s a big family affair and the rest of them have been doing it for years, so we’ve been asking for tips about how to do self-catering in England; it’s been so long that we’ve forgotten everything that we ever knew. I’ve been noting the differences from what we’ve become accustomed to:

  • there’s no free food! – it’s either take our own or use the, ahem, ‘speciality restaurants’ ashore;
  • we have to take our own bedding!
  • (and make our own beds);
  • and take our own towels!
  • which will not be changed every day!!
  • there don’t seem to be any excursions – we’ll have to do our own thing every day;
  • which may get harder as the week progresses, as we seem to be anchored in the same port the whole time;
  • the cabin, while probably quite spacious, will also be old (our accommodation was launched about 150 years ago) and possibly in need of refurbishment;
  • while it will have an ocean-view, there’s definitely no balcony;
  • and there’s no cabin steward to keep it tidy and attend to our wishes

One thing will be the same – there’s no need to take any money. I gather that, just as on a regular cruise, when I find myself needing to buy drinks, meals or goods (there will be shops, it seems) all I will need to do is hand over my card to someone else who will then hand me back the items (plus the card). Unusually, however, we won’t be given new cards just for this holiday – we’ve got to take our own. Hmm….

Ah, the joys of a wet week’s summer holiday in England!

3 Responses to “We're off on a (non-cruise) holiday”

  1. rosie says:

    Tee Hee..We all have to do it, so we know why we cruise.
    We are shortly off to the Scottish Islands, along with a deep weather low…deep joy.

  2. But look on the positive side – no awkward getting-to-know-your-dinner-companions…

  3. Brian Bland says:

    And make your own entertainment, well you can go to the pub but it will close at 11

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