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Costa Concordia update

The hull of Costa Concordia is now visible as the refloating exercise has just about come to an end. I’m sure that many of my readers will have been following this anyway, but I’ve been doing the occasional post about the Concordia so I felt I had to do one today.

  • Here’s a link to a BBC story about it. As the story says, she will now be towed to Genoa where she will be broken up. The towing might start as early as tomorrow;
  • There are some exceptional images in this page from the Mail Online. The time-lapse video is not so good (and has an annoying advert that you can’t click through) except for the night images – freaky to see the lights on her again;
  • This page on the Guardian’s website has a good graphic showing the arrangements of the ships during the towing exercise.

Captain Schettino’s trial still hasn’t resumed, I gather.

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