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Yesterday we ate in Sindhu for the second time this cruise. Once again it was an excellent meal. Perhaps not quite as spectacularly good as the first one, but that may simply have been because it wasn’t the first time.

Val’s starter was roasted rabbit tikka with chilli jam and chutney (yes, gentle readers, she ate a bunny!) followed by lavender chicken korma. I had a asparagus and tandoori paneer salad starter, followed by a rogan josh – actually a different rogan just from the one on the other menu. (We arranged our two meals to be on days when the menus were different.) We also had dessert, and as usual there were a couple of small extras – a pre-starter which was paneer in a fried coating (delicious) and a mango sorbet (I’m not a sorbet person). As a result there was a lot of food – more so last night than the first time, perhaps. Overall: very enjoyable indeed. Worth the money, in our view.

Later in the evening we sailed under the Belt Bridge again. This means that we will be approaching Copenhagen from the north tomorrow morning. I wonder why the ship doesn’t sail under the Öresund bridge?

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