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A sea day

Today (8 July) is a sea day as we sail from Helsinki to Warnemünde. The weather is good – sunny and warm enough, with a bit of a breeze. There’s not a whole lot going on so we’re taking it easy.

We’ve just attended “an Audience with the Captain”. We attended a similar session with Captain Burgess a couple of years ago which was great fun. This cruise the captain is Marcin Banach from Poland, and the big question is: how old is he? In his personal picture in Horizons he looks very young indeed. He gave us a potted history, and revealed that he only left a Polish navigational college in 2002 or so. He’s been a captain for at least two years, maybe three, so he rose from being a junior officer to Captain in just 10 years. That’s very quick advancement. He came across as very professional, almost driven: he visits the gym every day, his ‘food heaven’ is a green salad, his ‘food hell’ would be a plate of fries – I can’t help wondering how he feels conveying three thousand people who mainly think the opposite?

I’m feeling rather better today and I’ve enjoyed lunch, so right now I’m keeping Val company in the Glasshouse, and enjoying my first drink for three days. We had a good chat with one the waiters, Rajeesh. He’s a keen football fan and will be staying up for tonight’s World Cup match. This evening is Black and White night, and we may go and see a ventriloquist after dinner.

Tomorrow is Warnemünde, and I’ve just realised that means that we will be in Germany the morning after they play Brazil in the World Cup semi-final. Germany tomorrow will either be celebrating or drowning its sorrows.

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