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Azura Seascreen

I haven’t written much about Azura herself on this cruise, mainly because I haven’t found much to write about that’s different from all the stuff I’ve been writing for years about Ventura. To all intents and purposes they are the same. The differences exist, however, and I think that there are two main ones: the Glasshouse, and the Seascreen. Of these, even the Glasshouse is 50% the same – the wines and food are the same as on Ventura, it’s just the decor and furnishings that are different. That leaves the Seascreen as the main difference.

I’m still not feeling 100% better, so I decided to not bother with dinner at all this evening. Instead I took myself off to see Gravity on the Seascreen. I’ve come away with mixed feelings. First, the video quality is not great – there are lines on the screen regardless of what is being shown. Secondly, the sound isn’t good either – at times the sound track for Gravity came across as very harsh. So in some regards I can’t recommend it as a audio-visual experience. On the other hand it was quite an interesting experience, sitting out in the open air under a blanket, watching a movie. I may also be criticising the quality unfairly – we have a Blu-Ray system at home linked to our old hi-fi system, and Gravity is one of our Blu-Ray disks, so that’s what I’m used to. I do remember that we were happy enough with poor-quality VHS tapes 25 years ago. So with the right movie it would be worth seeing, I think.

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