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This morning was washing day, so at 8 o’clock sharp (well, OK, it was about five past eight…) I toddled along to the launderette on C deck. I know that some people wouldn’t dream of doing washing on a cruise, but it suits us to do some. Even at that time there was already one machine in use, and I was joined in the launderette by a woman on the same errand as myself. So three machines (out of four) were in use by 08:10.

A regular wash took about 45 minutes. Then after a quick transfer to the dryer I set up a regular fabrics dry for 70 minutes. I took some lighter items out after about 40 minutes – they were already dry – and the rest came out before the 70 minutes were up. These are hot driers, much hotter than our tumble dryer at home.

By the time I’d finished the ironing at about 10:15, all machines (washers and driers) were in use and people were arriving and having to leave again with unhappy looks. I felt we were getting close to some ‘unauthorised clothes removal’ scenarios, so I left.

One difference from Ventura – the washers on Azura are front loaders, not top loaders as they are on Ventura.

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