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Just a bit about the internet arrangements. I bought a 250 minute package before we embarked, mainly because it offered an extra 30 minutes free, and when we got to our cabin there was the certificate. So I took this down to the internet centre on Deck 5 to cash it in. I was told that in fact I had to re-book the package now that I was on board, thus resulting in a charge to the on-board account; but that this would be refunded later. This all seemed a bit convoluted, but apparently it’s because the only way of actually getting your internet access set up is to do it onboard, and the software doesn’t have any knowledge of pre-bought packages.

So I did all this and duly got the access I wanted (hence these posts). However, the refund hasn’t shown up so far. We queried this earlier today and were assured that it was because the internet steward was still waiting for some pre-paid certificates to be handed in, and once she’d got these, she’d do the credits to the on-board accounts. What has shown up, however, is an extra 40 minutes time in addition to the extra 30 I knew about. Apparently this was available for those signing up before leaving Southampton, which is what I did, of course. I queried whether I would keep these minutes once everything was reconciled and was assured that I would. So actually I’ve got 320 minutes.

Changing the subject, we’ve been to lunch at The Glasshouse today. Eight ounce fillet steak for Val, lamb burger for me, with a couple of large glasses of really lovely wine. Then cheesecake and coffee to follow. It’s a hard life, especially as we somehow have to gird our loins for the second formal dinner tonight.

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