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A meal in Sindhu

We had a meal in Sindhu last night, and it was excellent. There were three course – appetiser, main course and dessert – and there were two additional complimentary small extras, a pre-appetiser and a sorbet.

The menu generally appeared more curry-ish than was the case with East on Ventura – there were several menu items we recognised from Indian restaurants at home, ‘Rogan Josh’ for example, and there was a Birianyi as well. So this was much more to my taste, and Val’s as well I believe. Val had a starter of beef skewers with garlic chutney & cucumber relish, and I had a vegetarian choice – marinated cheese grilled broccoli with cumin scented potato cakes; there was also a sweet chili sauce with that, and both of these were preceded with a small but delicious pre-starter – a sort of curried mushroom in a delicious sauce. Then for mains Val had the rogan josh, described as traditional lamb curry, and I had pan-roasted beef tenderloin with enoki mushrooms, garlic and cream sauce served with thick-cut coriander salt chips! We also received three side dishes- pilau rice, a dhal, and some curried cauliflower – and a plate of bits of bread. Next came a small sorbet each, and finally desserts: Val had camomile pannacotta with mango and melon and a sesame brittle biscuit, and I had saffron and alphonso mango jelly with coconut granita. It was all as delicious as it sounds. No, actually, it was better than that – possibly the best meal we’ve ever had on a P&O ship.

Sindhu was busy, busier than we’ve ever seen East, so I think they’ve got the formula right.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Hi Tom

    Just recently discovered your blog and have to say I’m really enjoying following your daily cruising activities, especially as we did a 17 night cruise on Azura last October, so can appreciate what your describing. Have to agree that Sindhu was excellent. Looking forward to hearing about Seventeen if you go there.


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