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This afternoon has been warm and sunny – at least out on our balcony. We went up to the Terrace once or twice, and by late afternoon there was a enough of a breeze across it to make it quite chilly, but by chance our balcony has been sheltered this afternoon and in the direct sunshine, and we’ve been taking advantage. Just the way to deal with those post-Glasshouse hours.

This evening was the second formal night, and to be truthful it was rather disappointing. I felt that the menu was very ordinary for a formal night, and the plated service doesn’t help to create any sense of occasion. We went for a drink afterwards in the Planet Bar, and that was enjoyable, so the evening ended well.

Tomorrow is our first port, Stockholm, but the visit will start with this very unusual face-to-face check by Swedish immigration. We are planning to do our own thing in port, and we hope to visit the Vasa ship museum and perhaps stroll around Gamla Stan, the old town. But with the immigration check I don’t think we’ll get into Stockholm until sometime after 11 o’clock.

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