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First formal night

Last night was the first formal night and Captain’s Gala. We decided to miss the latter altogether – I think we’ve been to too many in the past. So we had a quiet drink (well I did – Val had a non-alcoholic Cool Colada) in the Planet Bar, and then went down to dinner.

Val has specifically asked me to say that she thoroughly enjoyed dinner. There were two menus – a special menu recommended by Marco Pierre White, and the ordinary menu. You could choose items from either. Val had the MPW soup (cream of mushroom with a white wine addition), then sea bass from the main menu, and the MPW dessert – a strawberry and ice cream confection. I had the same soup, then a lamb dish, and cheese and biscuits. One of our table companions had the MPW main course, lobster. There was no sorbet course, however, and again the the meals came plated. Val says she almost prefers this – there’s no waiting for the additional vegetables to be served to everyone at the table, and of course the additional vegetables might not be a good accompaniment to the dinner anyway – curry and broccoli, for example.

I ought to say that conversation flowed much better tonight, so dinner was a much more enjoyable affair than on the first night.

Dress code observance was very high, at least in the places we went. We did see a couple refused admission to the Planet Bar before dinner because the gentleman wasn’t dressed in accordance with the dress code. Interestingly, they were saying that they had dressed appropriately for their dinner, but had then changed! The senior bar steward told them that they would be OK in Brodie’s on deck 6.

Then we went to the show in the theatre, which turned out to be one that we’d seen before, on Ventura – ‘Invitation to Dance’ or something similar. Val remarked later that we hadn’t enjoyed it much then, but I thought it was OK.

Then to bed, with the clocks going forward by an hour.

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