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Afternoon Tea

A civilised pleasure! – although it’s the first time we’ve taken it for some years. I think the last (and possibly only) time might have been on Oriana in 2006. Finger sandwiches; scones with butter & jam (and clotted cream, in Val’s case); toasted tea cake; crumpets (although we skipped them); and cakes. An excellent way to fill in the space between finishing at the Glasshouse and – well, whatever was going to come next.

After the tea we felt impelled to pound the decks some more. Azura suffers from not having a complete external circuit so we found ourselves walking up to a steel bulkhead, doing a smart about-turn, and retracing out steps. You can get right to the clamshell, but you have to go inside, up the forward stairs, and along the corridor on E deck past the forward cabins. Then at the then end of the corridor there’s dog-leg which leads to two serious doors, the outer of which has a high sill to step over, and you’re out, at the beginning of the curve to the bow. We went up there this morning and had the space to ourselves. It was windy, however.

This evening is the Captain’s Gala Party and the first Black Tie night. We’re looking forward to it

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