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We're on Azura…

…..and enjoying that first glass of wine in The Glasshouse. More later.

Cheers to all my readers.

Update: we’ve booked our speciality restaurants – two meals in Sindhu and one in Seventeen. The menus in Sindhu seem to be a bit more ‘curry-ish’ than they were in East the last time on Ventura.

Some practicalities: we stayed at Chieveley Services last night and unusually managed a reasonable lie-in this morning: we did’t get up until nearly 8 o’clock. So what with showers (well, baths actually – the shower/bath tap combo wouldn’t switch to shower), eating pre-packed breakfasts, re-packing the car (Val is paranoid about thieves targeting our car and nicking our bags, out of the hundreds parked overnight at the Travelodge), it was gone 10 before we got away from Chieveley. What with a brief stop at Rownhams services on the M27 it was after 11:15 before we were driving into Southampton. I’m pleased to report that the new entry approach along Platform Road worked well – both right-turn lanes (into Dockgate 4) are in use. We drove into the Ocean Terminal at about 11:20 or so, straight into the unloading lanes. We waited in the check-in area until about 11:45 when checking started, and our letter was called at just about midday. There then followed the usual check-in and security palaver, but we were stepping onto Azura by 12:15. By 12:20 or so we were tucking into lunch in the Verona buffet, followed by cups of tea on the stools on the Terrace bar area, and then by 1:30 at the latest we were sipping that first glass of wine in the Glasshouse. So we’re on board, and on holiday!

3 Responses to “We're on Azura…”

  1. Carol Reed says:

    Hope you have a fabulous time and look forward to your blogs. I so enjoy reading them . We’ve been on Azura, so will have an idea what you are talking about.

  2. llennuf says:

    Bon Voyage.Have a good time both.Will look forward to reading your excellent
    blog..My wife and I are familiar with Oriana but not Azura so we look forward to some interesting posts ! In the mean time will monitor progress on the ship webcam.

  3. Neil Ringan says:

    Have a great time both and give Azura my regards !

    Will be really interested on your experiences in Russia as that was one of the main reasons we have never cruised to the Baltic so far.

    You’re right about Sindhu – even though the branding is Atul Kochhar on both, the menu on Azura is significantly different to that of East on both Ventura and Arcadia, both of which we’ve eaten in in the last year. In our opinion the “old” East menu (pre “celebrity chef” branding) was far superior in terms of the quality and variety. My (70+ year old) Mum used to love the old East menu and never struggled to find something, but the new menus are definitely more geared up for those who prefer spice. and Sindhu is even more so – definitely an “Indian” rather than a “fusion” restaurant

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