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I posted recently to the effect that there didn’t seem to be many/any complaints about Intercruise Connections, the company contracted this year to provide the coach service to/from Southampton for P&O this year. I may have been a bit hasty.

I’m reading mixed reports, in fact. A lot of passengers are reporting that the service is fine. There have been reports from some passengers, however, that the coach provided was not up to the required standard – one person posted on Cruise Critic that “…the coach to Southampton was a 57 seater [other company name]  coach which was very poor and not suitable for this journey. No leg room, no air conditioning, no toilets and no darkened windows. It had been used the previous day for school children on a trip to Alton Towers….“. (The reason for the ‘other company name’ bit is that Intercruise Connections don’t run coaches themselves – they charter the service from other providers, so you don’t know whose coach you will be travelling in.)

There’s also a suggestion that a number of passengers are continuing to book independently with Eavesway, the previous provider of the service. Some passengers on Select fares are taking the OBC as their benefit and booking the coach travel separately.

Update – see the comments below for two contrasting experiences.

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  1. Elaine Yeomans says:

    I found them just as good, I can’t remember if there were toilets aboard but are they needed as there are frequent comfort stops. It was better for me because the pick up is nearer to my home. We also got there a lot earlier and I didn’t have to be @ the pick up until a little later. Win Win as far as I’m concerned.

    • Tom says:

      Thanks for the comment, Elaine. As I said, the general response seems to be positive, but there are definitely some people who are less happy.

  2. Liz Poyser says:

    They forgot (?) to pick us up in Liverpool and when we finally got through to the office they had to send a taxi to race down the motorway to catch the coach up. Not had a word of apology, despite the stress caused.

  3. Hazel Herbert says:

    Tom I booked independently with Eavesway as they are excellent and I was also told that if there are not enough booked on an Intercruise coach then it will not run so you would be up the creek! I heard the reason why P&O are not featuring Eavesway in the brochure anymore and let’s just say it has put me off P&O even more, their standards are dropping more and more (ok there is so much competition) I love Adonia but would not go on any other of their ships now

  4. Michelle Mitchell says:

    We travelled with Intercruise Connections on 28th June 2015. The coach was dirty and the driver needed help form my husband to pack the cases onto the coach, since he didn’t seem to be very experienced at it. However, the worst thing was that our coach broke down just off the M25 in roadworks and we were stuck onboard the coach for over 3 hours. During that time, the coach company sub-contracted by Intercruise did absolutely nothing to resolve the situation and the driver just joked about our cruise ship may or may not be there when we arrive in Southampton. Luckily, however, an Eavesway coach driver, on his way back form Southampton, saw our plight and waited for us for over two hours in case we needed his coach to get to Ventura. We did, since a replacement coach did not arrive from Intercruise! He also, single handedly, transferred all of the cases from our coach to his, so that when the police arrived to escort us off our coach we could get on our way quickly. Also, whilst he had been waiting, he had kept in contact with Ventura and made them aware of the situation. I can’t praise Eavesway enough and we will be booking with them from now on!

    • Tom Burke says:

      Michelle: thanks for the comment, and what an experience! Kudos to the Eavesway driver for his professional attitude. And his energy….

  5. P J Overend says:

    Why did P O stop using Eavesway coaches as it seams a better company

    • Tom Burke says:

      Money, presumably – the working assumption has been that the current company are costing less than Eavesway did. But (as you suggest) the current company don’t provide such good service. My understanding is that they don’t operate coaches themselves, they pass the booking on to other companies. The difference between what they get form P&O and what they have to pay other companies is their profit margin. Some passengers have reported that in fact they’ve used Eavesway, while others have reported that companies with less-comfortable coaches have been used. I think a number of people are taking the benefit in other ways (OBC?) and then booking with Eavesway direct.

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