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It's been a quiet week

It has been a quiet week, hence no posts. I haven’t come across any stories of mayhem or disaster; indeed, a number of issues about which questions were being asked earlier in the season have now settled down and seem to be working well. The Ventura fly-cruises are going well, and I haven’t heard any significant complaints about the transport arrangements, either regarding the flights to/from the UK or the transfers at either Genoa or Venice. Some passengers (possibly a lot?) seem to be on BA flights to Nice rather than charter flights to Genoa, but they seem to be working out OK. The transfer is obviously longer, but I haven’t heard of any problems, and of course you do get a glorious coach ride along the Riviera.

Closer to home P&O’s new coach arrangements also seem to be working OK – again, I haven’t heard any significant number of complaints.

For ourselves, we’re getting more aware of our impending departure on our main cruise this year. The first stages of packing have started – not actually putting things in cases, but beginning to put clothes into piles in the spare bedrooms (oh, the joy of still living in the family home – all that room!) so they can be packed. We’ve checked the documentation and made sure that we have everything, we’ve booked our main excursion (a two-day programme in Saint Petersburg), and we’ve made sure that everything that might need dry-cleaning before the cruise has been done. Finally, we’re doing some final purchases of items that we’ll need. I’ve decided that after 10 years of use, my two oldest dress shirt need replacing, so that’s next weekend’s main task.

I think we must be going on a cruise!

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  1. Solent Richard says:

    Some P&O passengers, like myself, are getting BA flights but from Genoa, a double bonus because you get better weight allowance.

    The Ventura fly-cruise programme is a big hit and is getting some rave reviews on the unofficial P&O Facebook group that now has in excesses of 10K members.

    It is a great itinerary…


    Enjoy Azura and St. Petersburg. We did it on Arcadia…


    Bon voyage.

  2. A packing strategy I should try to emulate 🙂

  3. Hilary says:

    Can we have a link please to the unofficial P&O Facebook page? Thanks!

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