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I’ve heard something to the effect that for passengers embarking onto Princess, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and possibly Fred Olsen ships at Southampton, the lines are going to try to restrict passengers to their stated boarding times. Thus, if your cruise information says ‘Boarding time 1:30″ then 1:30 (or later) it will be, no matter if you arrive significantly earlier. Apparently they will take your luggage off you, and possibly also allow you to check in, but you won’t be called to actually board until your time slot arrives. I also understand that the time slots are basically organised by deck, but I don’t know how definite that is.

At the moment there’s no indication that P&O and Cunard are following suit but it’s possible.

I have to say that I have got so used to being able to arrive early, check in and then board early that I’ve almost stopped looking at the boarding time on my E-ticket. Perhaps I’ll have to start doing so again.

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  1. Neil R says:

    Interesting idea, Tom. I wonder how they might implement this for passengers who have priority check-in (Caribbean and up for P&O, etc). For the last few times our check in time has been indicated as around 15:00 which obviously makes no sense when you get priority boarding (and priority lounge onboard)

    Perhaps just making the road network in Southampton might be a better and more permanent solution 🙂

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