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I’ve been to-ing and fro-ing over the best equipment to take on a cruise in order to be able to immediately process photos taken during the cruise. In the past I’ve used a full-on laptop – I used to have a 15″ MacBook Pro – and that did pretty much everything but at the cost of being a bit cumbersome and heavy. More recently I’ve been an avid iPad user, and that’s perfect for general browsing, etc, including posting updates to this blog, but it doesn’t really do anything on the photo front (or at least, I never managed to get it to do anything). I’m now wondering about getting a basic MacBook Air – these look very tempting, especially since the £100 price drop at the end of last month. But before I spend *that much* money I think I need to reconsider ways in which I can use the iPad more effectively. Significant time has passed since I last looked at photo apps for iPad. I use Canon DSLRs, and I normally shoot Raw + Fine Jpeg, at full resolution. The iPad is a 32 Gb iPad Air. Here at home I have an iMac, and I use Lightroom 4 for image processing.

What I would like to do on a cruise is the following:-

  • upload the images onto the device;
  • do some basic triaging of the images taken – deleting the obvious duffers & duplicates;
  • sorting and tagging the remaining shots;
  • and possibly doing some basic editing.

The editing I’m thinking of would be to at least resize some images for inclusion in the daily blog posts I do when I’m on a cruise. My assumption has been that I should do my normal processing of the raw file in Lightroom and extract a processed Jpeg from that, but perhaps that’s overkill at that stage – perhaps a simple resize of the original Jpeg would do?

I’ve recently read that Adobe have released Lightroom for iPad (at a price) but I’m not sure the extent to which that relies on a permanent internet connection – not feasible on a cruise. Then there are apps, and one I’ve been pointed at is Photosmith, but I don’t really know of any more.

If anyone has any advice or experience I’d be very pleased to hear it.

4 Responses to “A question for ipad-toting cruise photographers”

  1. Mighty Charming says:

    I’m sure it was just first day problems, but I couldn’t get the new lightroom for iPad to work on my iPad (second-to-most-recent generation).

    I’m sure that what it really comes down to is what you’re looking to really do for the end result. I saw your list, but I don’t know about you but I’m not the sort who, once I start editing, am really happy until I’m done with a project. If you’re the same then I would go with the purchase of an Air.

    FWIW, I work on an Air myself, and while it’s definitely not as high-powered as a pro, it still has more than enough oomph to work through anything you throw at it as far as Photoshop, Bridge, and/or Lightroom. Plus, it basically weights the same as my iPad, which is amazing.

    • Tom says:

      Thank you for the comment – it’s always useful to hear from someone with relevant experience.

      I’ve been researching the whole issue of exporting a catalogue from (say) a MB Air that was used while on a holiday and then importing it into the main LR catalogue on the main computer, and everything I’ve read suggests that’s an easy and successful operation.

  2. Peter Ward says:

    Have you tried apples iphoto app which will be free to download for your Air.
    I use it and find it quite useful

  3. I’m going to play Devil’s advocate a bit here, and ask why you want to be able to process images while you’re still on the cruise. What benefits would you get by doing it on holiday that you wouldn’t get doing it when you get back home? Is there a danger that you’ll end up spending too much time working on the images, and not enough time enjoying being on holiday? And will being able to process the images make it even harder for you to switch off, relax and unwind (which is, after all, the point of a holiday)?

    I know this isn’t the answer you were after and I’m hardly qualified given that I’m not an ipad toting cruise photographer. Anyway, my suggestion would be to keep the image processing until you’ve got home, and spend the money you would have spent on a new Macbook Air on your next cruise or other holiday.

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