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Cruise International (which is both a magazine and a website) has recently announced the nominees for its Cruise Awards 2014. There are 19 categories across a wide variety of topics. They include Best Cruise Line; Best Luxury Cruise Line; Best Boutique Cruise Line; Best line for First-time cruisers; and so on – I’m sure you get the picture. But for strictly personal reasons I’m especially interested in this category: Best Cruise Blogger.

There seem to be seven nominees, and here they are:-

I had seen the announcement that nominations were open, and maybe – just maybe – I experienced a tiny sliver of hope. But no; this year is not my turn. Pretty much like last year; and the year before; – well, you get the picture. Was I disappointed? Not at all! (well, OK, yes I was.)

But I shall put a brave face on it all and wish my fellow-bloggers the best of luck. The links to the nominated blogs are shown above, and here’s a link to the Cruise International Awards 2014 voting page – the Best Blogger choices are at the bottom.

Now, what do I need to do to at least get nominated next year….

10 Responses to “Cruise International Awards – hats off to my fellow bloggers”

  1. English Mum says:

    Thanks for the mention Tom – some tough competition this year isn’t there xx

  2. Thanks Tom, how lovely of you! I feel slightly fraudulent in that family cruises are something I am very new to, but I am completely converted! I asked all my readers to nominate me, they too were ‘cruise less’ – blind leading the blind! Look forward to reading more of your blog!

    • Tom says:

      Ah! so that’s the secret! Unashamed ambition!! (only joking – I should have done the same myself.)

  3. Malcolm Oliver says:

    Something’s wrong, by name is missing! 😉

  4. Unashamed ambition is definitely what you need. I’m planning the same tactics next year when the Total Women’s Cycling Awards are open for nominations. 🙂

  5. Not too surprising I would guess Tom. Some bloggers canvas various cruise forums day and night, week in, week out. On my blog I just prefer to stick to the cruising facts, i.e. report on what I have done or, very rarely, am about to do…


    Anyway, my tip as last year is a win for Captain Greybeard – at least he cruises often.

  6. ….this may sound like sour grapes but some, of the nominated cruise blogs are not strictly ‘Cruise Blogs’. (I’m not suggesting for one moment that they are not all very good).

    Some of the other nominations seem rather odd to me, too.

    I see that in the ‘Best New Ship’ category NCL’s Getaway is up against ALL of the Vikings ‘Longships’. Talk about Chalk & Cheese!

    Some river cruise lines are in bot the ‘the best river cruise line’ and ‘the best luxury river cruise line’ categories. That does not make sense to me either!

  7. ..also Celebrity are in the mass market, luxury and a boutique line sections!

    One of the ‘best news ships’ is not in service yet!

    I’ll stop moaning now! 🙂

  8. Thanks Tom, how lovely of you! I feel slightly fraudulent in that family cruises are something I am very new to, but I am completely converted!

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