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I’ve been reading some reports that P&O is phasing out the wine waiters in the main dining rooms – indeed, this may already have been done on some ships. Instead, the table waiters will take an order for wine.

I’m not sure what I think about this. One the one hand there have been times when I’ve enjoyed the conversations with the wine waiters, and I have a feeling that the table waiters won’t be able to give the advice, etc, that the better wine waiters could. On the other hand, there have been frequent occasions when we were waiting a long time for the wine waiter to appear – some times we were eating our first course before we’d even been able to order the wine, let alone start drinking it. (Not the wine waiters’ fault, they always seemed to have too many tables to serve.) So I can see advantages in this move as well as disadvantages. One answer would be to use the wine line to order wine in advance, but we don’t always want to drink a whole bottle, and of course there are times when we want different wines.

We’ll see how it goes when we’re on Azura in 7 weeks’ time.

(I suppose another answer would be to eat exclusively in The Glasshouse!)

5 Responses to “No more wine waiters on P&O?”

  1. rosie says:

    we sometimes used the wine line on our recent cruise. If we didn’t drink the whole bottle it was brought to the table the next day. Our wine waiter seemed pretty good. We drink white and the delay was sometimes in the refilling of the glass, as you say they have a lot of tables to cover.

  2. The wine waiter does add to the dining experience and it will be s shame to see them go. Savings would seem very minimal but as long as my bottle (which lasts 3/4 days) is looked after each night I will live with it

  3. David Hughes says:

    We are also on the Azura on 26 July so we’ll find out then. It will be a pity to lose the wine waiters though.

  4. Mrs Clayton says:

    Just returned from a cruise on Ventura 30th July – 13th Aug.
    No wine waiter just restaurant waiter serving wine, disaster! had booked and paid for the Commodore wine package and the waiter could only advise on two wines which resulted in me just having the same two types throughout the cruise. Another bad cost saving exercise to sit alongside the removal of silver service. All the waiters seemed to be rushed too which made us feel uncomfortable and under pressure to eat up and leave so they could set the table for the next diners. Also not once offered port, brandy etc and struggled to ask as waiters too busy!

    • Tom says:

      Thanks for the comment, and my apologies for taking so long to approve it.

      On our Azura cruise we were lucky – the (wine?) waiter seemed to do our table first.

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