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I posted a short while ago about the disruption that is occurring in Southampton as a result of roadworks to make access to dock gate 4 easier.

I gather that at present, and for the next couple of weeks or so, work is actually being done on the outbound gate at Dock Gate 4. As a result, traffic for the Ocean and QEII terminals are being required to use Dock Gate 5. This is so unusual and so little used that it isn’t even marked on the maps on the Southampton VTS site. However, I’ve found a map on which I believe it is marked, here. If you look at that, I gather that DG5 is the road just at the left-hand end of Vokes Park. (You’ll have to expand the map, then look for the Town Quay/Platform Road area.)

It’ll all be wonderful in the end, I’m sure….

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