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About a year or so I did some posts on the short season European of cruises planned for Oasis of the Seas this autumn – here and here are links to a couple of them.  Although I had details of her itineraries within Europe I’d missed the fact that she will be calling at Southampton during her transatlantic voyage back to Florida. That voyage will start in Rotterdam, and will later call at Vigo before heading across the ocean, but between Rotterdam and Vigo, on 15 October this year, she will call at Southampton, both as a day call and as a pick-up port. Arrival time is currently listed (on the Royal Caribbean website) as being 10am and departure will be at midnight, so there should be a good opportunity to see her arriving in Southampton and hopefully turning round before mooring, at the City terminal.

Also present that day will be Saga Sapphire (QEII terminal); MSC Magnifica (Mayflower terminal); and Arcadia (Ocean terminal). That looks like an interesting and varied lineup. I have to say, I feel a ship-spotting trip coming on….

3 Responses to “Oasis of the Seas in Southampton”

  1. Tirun says:

    A cruise on the Oasis of the Seas will change your perception of cruising forever!

  2. Hazel Herbert says:

    Tom where did you find the timings for Oasis on 15 Oct in Soton, we are coming down from Leics to see it and expected it to arrive early a.m and leave approx. 5pm as we are then continuing to B’mth. If your times are correct our plans will have to change – can you give me a link to website as I have searched high and low -thanks

    • Tom says:

      Here’s what I did:

      a) open the royalcaribbean.co.uk site and click on ‘Find & Book a Cruise’;
      b) in the search options that you see next, set the departure port to Rotterdam. This should find just one cruise, ‘Ocean Voyage On Oasis – UK & Spain’;
      c) click on that line – this should open the cruise details, including the itinerary;
      d) and in the detailed itinerary it says, for Day 2, ‘Southampton Arrive 10:00 Depart 23:59’.

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