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We're booked for 2015

So that’s sorted. After all the things I’ve been saying about not booking early – about waiting for late deals – we have as usual booked as early as possible. Les from Iglu Cruises rang me a short while ago to tell us that he’d been able to get our pre-registration converted into a firm booking. Here’s a link to a page I wrote a while ago about our thinking for 2015, and why we’ve done it this way.

We’ll be on Azura for cruise A523 in September 2015. We’ve got our favourite cabin type, a C-deck balcony cabin, category HB, and in fact it’s right next door to the first category HA cabin. And we’ve got all the other things we wanted, which include an early booking discount, free car parking, and our preferred dining arrangements. Most important of all, the ‘NO UPGRADE!’ box is firmly ticked.


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  1. llennuf says:

    Glad to see that you have secured your Cabin of choice.Interested to know your reason for” NO UPGRADE” As considering booking with P&O ourselves.

    • Tom says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      Reasons for not upgrading: we really, really like the C deck balcony cabins, because the balconies themselves are twice as big as those on Riviera, A & B decks. We’ve got an HB grade balcony cabin, on C deck. P&O would regard a move to an HA balcony cabin on B deck (say) as an upgrade (because it’s closer to midships), whereas we would see as it as very bad switch, because the cabin itself would be the same but the balcony would be half the size. So, having booked a cabin that we’re perfectly happy with, we definitely don’t want an upgrade.

      Have a look at this post all about different balcony cabins on Ventura and Azura. Part-way there’s a picture of my wife Val relaxing on a C deck balcony. You can see how big it is – she can stretch out without kicking the rail.

  2. Paul Nicholls says:

    Hi Tom. Great blog. I always look forward to reading it.
    Wholeheartedly agree with your reasons for ticking the NO UPGRADE box
    but I have a question:
    We’ve cruised on Oriana twice, Oceana once and Ventura once and have
    booked on Azura for 2015 and we have never yet been offered an upgrade.
    What do we have to do to get one ?

    • Tom says:

      Paul – thanks for the comments.

      Upgrades – well, I have to admit I don’t know how to get one. Perhaps book early on an unpopular cruise? We’ve done 8 cruises with P&O now and never been offered an upgrade, but for most of them we said ‘No Upgrade’ anyway, so who knows if we would have been offered one or not. Reading comments on Cruise Critic it seems that there are quite a few on the Ventura fly-cruises to the Med; perhaps they’re just not popular and there’s the space to move people around. But apparently even Early Saver fare passengers are getting upgrades.

      Our approach is always to book the cabin we’ll be perfectly happy with, and not expect anything else. Indeed, in the case of the C-deck balconies on Ventura and Azura, we wouldn’t want anything else between that and a full-size suite – but I don’t think it’s possible to be that picky when it comes to upgrades.

      • Paul Nicholls says:

        Thanks for that, Tom. It seems that upgrades are a bit of a lottery. We always book very early but we are a bit limited by budget and school
        hols ( my wife works at a school and we have two children ).
        As for Med fly cruises…no thanks. I imagine the luggage limit on an
        aircraft would be a bit restricting. When we cruise it’s like moving house !
        The kids need an outfit for every weather condition and the wife needs
        about three hundred pairs of shoes ! Oh…and sailing down So’ton water
        is a highlight for me. Wouldn’t be the same starting a cruise at an airport !

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