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I posted recently about the disruption along Platform Road in Southampton while road works are being done. That’s the road that runs past Dock Gate 4 – the one that passengers embarking at either the Ocean Terminal or the QEII terminal must use.

I got some information back from Southampton City Council about the duration of the works but it wasn’t altogether clear – there seems to be some confusion as to whether they were finishing this year or next. So I emailed their ActionLine for clarification, as follows:-

Can you tell me the expected end-date of the roadworks currently being done along Platform Road and at various places around Queen’s Park, please? I ask because I’ve had a look at the website with the map (http://www.southampton.gov.uk/s-environment/roadsandparking/road-works) and some of the little symbols have an end-date of April 2015. Is that right?

My interest in this is purely as a visitor and cruise passenger, btw – I’m not a resident. Recently I have read some stories on several on-line cruise discussion forums about serious congestion getting out of the car parks at the end of a cruise returning to the Ocean Terminal. Later this summer I shall be using this terminal myself, and I was wondering how much of an issue this might be.

Yesterday I received this reply:

Dear Mr Burke

The whole job should be finished by April 2015.

The work on the main carriageways should be complete by October, but there will still be work to do on Queens Terrace and Vokes Park which, although off of the carriageway,  may involve some adhoc lane closures but will not have a huge impact on the new carriageway.   Please see this link it may help  Platform for Prosperity leaflet

So it looks as if cruise passengers embarking and disembarking at Southampton this year are in for some disruption throughout this year’s cruise season, especially on busy days.

(Just in case the ‘Prosperity Leaflet’ link in the quote isn’t working, here it is.)

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  1. Hilary says:

    Thanks for sharing….we will just have to be prepared and have lots of patience! Good luck with your travels!

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