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I’m hearing stories that Oceana requires repairs (I know not what for), and that these will be done during s three-day stop in Barcelona during her next cruise. That’sE406, starting on Saturday, and due to call at La Coruna, Gibraltar, Alghero, Livorno, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, and Cartagena. Some of the ports are going to be missed – I understand that Alghero will be one of them, but I don’t know which others – and she will stay in Barcelona for three days (two overnights).

Passengers will be offered a 25% reduction in the cruise fare they’ve paid, plus some additional excursions and entertainment, and a free 2-day HoHo bus pass. Initial reaction seems positive.

3 Responses to “Oceana to be repaired in Barcelona; cruise altered”

  1. John says:

    Southampton 5 April
    Gibraltar 8 April
    Monte Carlo 10 April
    Livorno 11 April
    Barcelona 12 April
    Barcelona 13 April
    Barcelona 14 April
    Barcelona 15 April
    Southampton 19 April

  2. John says:

    Tom. I am not sure where you get the ‘positive’ vibe from! Most comments I have seen are ones of anger! P&O have deliberately done this at the last minute. This is a significant change in the itinerary and we should be entitled to the offer of a full refund + 20% Cruise Credits in accordance with their terms and conditions.

  3. John says:

    The ship will not visit Cartagena, Alghero and La Coruna, but will now spend three days in Barcelona, in addition to the scheduled calls to Gibraltar, Monte Carlo and Livorno.
    The reason for this late change is that we need to carry out some work to the seals on Oceana’s port propeller shaft. I must stress that this does not have any impact on the safe operation of the ship, but the seals do need changing as soon as possible. This requires Oceana to remain in port for a minimum of 70 hours, enabling a team of divers to complete the work.

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