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Update: they’ve arrived via an online TA’s site. I’ve uploaded a copy here.


I’ll do some analysis later. Some differences are obvious: there’s no Sea Walk  on the Sun Deck, and there is an aft pool (the Terrace Pool), on the Sun deck. But other aspects are very similar – the layouts of decks 5, 6 & 7 look almost identical, e.g. on deck 7 there’s The Studio on Britannia and Princess Live on Royal Princess.


P&O have had a preview site for their new ship, Britannia, for over a month. Included on that has been some deck plans, but only of the passenger decks. P&O will publish details of their 2015 itineraries for the whole fleet tomorrow (Britannia’s cruises have been published for a while), and I’ve been expecting that’s when they would have to give full details of Britannia’s deck plans. Possibly in preparation for that, the webpage where the subset deck plans have been available is this morning re

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So I expect that later on today (perhaps) or tomorrow at the latest, the link will be reactivated with full deck plans. Why is this significant? It’s because we’ll finally discover the extent to which Britannia will differ from her Princess sisters, the first of which, Royal Princess, is already in service. I’m not holding my breath – other than in fine detail, e.g. possibly the Sky Walk, I’m sure that Britannia will be the same as the Princess pair.

Here’s the link to the page on the P&O website – click on ‘View Britannia deck plans’ down the r/hand side, and here’s a link to a post I did a month or so ago when P&O published the Britannia itineraries for 2015.

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