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P&O have published a list of ports that their ships will call at during the coming year. The list gives some details as to the arrangements at the port, e.g. basic information of where the berth is in relation to the port/town, whether shuttle buses will be available, and whether or not passengers on Early Saver fares will have to pay for these. You’ll recall that P&O (and Cunard) have said that one of the advantages of booking a Select (i.e. full-price) fare is that passengers on such fares will continue to enjoy free shuttle buses where they’re supplied, while Early Saver passengers would be charged. Well, that’s true, it seems; but there seem to be a lot of ports where the shuttle buses will be free to passengers on both fare types.

The full list includes a large number of ports that are only called at during world cruises or long range cruises, e.g. ports in Australia and Asia, so for now I’m ignoring them. So here’s the list of European ports for which P&O suggest that Early Saver fare passengers will be charged:

Alexandria, Alicante, Almeria, Barcelona, Cherbourg, Corfu, Dublin, Dubrovnik, Gdynia, Hamburg, Helsinki, Honfleur, Ibiza, Klaipeda Santa Cruz (La Palma), Lanzarote, Le Havre, Limassol, Lisbon, Madeira, Malaga, Marseille, Mykonos, Odessa, Palma (Mallorca), Portimao, Praia da Rocha, Sorrento, St Vincent, Stockholm, Tallinn, Trondheim and Valencia;

And here’s the list of ports for which there won’t be a charge for shuttle buses:

Aarhus, Alta (Norway), Antalya, Bari, Belfast, Bergen, Bermuda, Bilbao, Bornholm, Brest, Brindisi, Cagliari, Casablanca, Catania, Civitavecchia, Constanta, Dover, Koper, Kristiansand, La Rochelle, Livorno, Ponta Delgada, Ravenna, Riga, Rotterdam, Salerno, Seville, Toulon (La Seyne sur Mer), Travemunde, Trieste, Tromso and Zeebrugge.

(Ports that don’t appear on either list are those where a shuttle bus isn’t provided, either because the berth is close to the town e.g, Gibraltar, or where passengers tender ashore e.g. Cannes.)

There are quite a few regular ports of call in the non-chargeable list, e.g. Civitavecchia and Livorno. I think that in these cases the port authority either require the line to provide the shuttles, or they provide them themselves.

Here’s a link to the full list on the P&O website. It’s a downloadable PDF, so you can study it to your heart’s content.

3 Responses to “Which shuttle buses will Early Saver passengers pay for?”

  1. Neil R says:

    Hi Tom

    We have just returned from Arcadia J402 which was the first cruise (on Arcadia anyway) on which Early Savers were available so thought I would update on how shuttle bus pricing works (we were on an Early Saver booking)

    There were only shuttles operating in 2 ports – Corfu and Dubrovnik. Pricing varies per port, with a single ticket being £4.50 in Dubrovnik and £3.00 in Corfu (per person, so £9 and £6 round trip each).

    There are no tickets and everything is managed via the cruise cards. Cards are swiped when boarding the bus and presumably there is a flag on the account which adds the cost to Early Saver (or Saver which are the late deal with even fewer “perks” than Early Saver) but doesn’t add them to Select bookings.

    We didn’t use the shuttle in Corfu as we had been before and we just walked in to town (my Mum was on a trip so we didn’t need to worry about her walking). In Dubrovnik a taxi from Gruz harbour to the Old Town was 10 euros each way, so for 4 of us it worked out at 20 euros return as opposed to £36 for the return shuttle.

    Hope that helps.


  2. Neil R says:

    No problem Tom. Cruise was excellent, though our first time on Arcadia and we came away feeling a bit underwhelmed by both the ship (none of the “wow” factor of Ventura or Azura (or even Oceana) and a very elderly pax manifest (average age 70 according to one of Ents team) and all the entertainment geared up around that demographic unfortunately. 4 of us went (one in 30s, one 40s, one 50s and my Mum mid 70s) – the 3 youngsters of our group were in probably the youngest 5% of the ship !

    We’d already booked J422 (which I think you;re both on) and J423 before we booked J402 but I don’t think we’ll be rushing back to Arcadia after that

    Having said that though, everything was as you would expect from P&O and all good, though some of the “regulars” struggled with (and moaned about) introduction of Freedom Dining (which we love) with lots of people who wanted 1st sitting who booked too late queuing from 5:45 for Freedom to open at 6

    Keep up the good work


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