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Queen Mary 2 off Cowes

Queen Mary 2 off Cowes

Cunard have published details of their 175th anniversary celebrations next year. There are going to be a number of events, including a re-creation of their first-ever voyage from Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia, which will be done by Queen Mary 2 (methinks not an absolutely accurate re-creation, then….). You can finds the details of all the cruises, etc, in various places including the Cunard website and a number of on-line travel agents (I happened to look at Go Cruise with Jane), so I won’t bother repeating them here.

What I will draw readers’ attention to is the fact that next year will see two ‘3 Queens’ events – that is, occasions when all three of Cunard’s ships will be in the same place at the same time. There have been a few of these in the past – I think there’s been one with the present ships, and an accidental one in Southampton when Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria happened to be in port at a time when the QEII was also there having some maintenance work done. There was one in darkness in New York as well, I believe. But they’re not common events so it’s something that Cunard fans and ship aficionados look forward to. Here are some details, as far as I can glean:

  • the first will be on 3 May 2015, in Southampton. This will be a conventional cruise turn-round day for all three of them, so they’ll arrive early in the morning, possibly together or possibly not, but they will definitely sail out together, in procession, when they depart at the end of the afternoon for their next cruises;
  • Then the second occasion, and probably the biggest, will be on 25 May 2015, in Liverpool. This will be a bit different – Liverpool will be a port of call for all three ships. Queen Mary 2 will arrive the day before and will stay overnight, and she will will be joined the following morning by Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, and I gather the ships will line up in the Mersey before Queen Mary 2 leaves late in the morning. Then Queen Elizabeth will berth at the pontoon while Queen Victoria will remain anchored in the river, until Queen Elizabeth sails in the late afternoon. At that point Queen Victoria will move to the berth and stay overnight in Liverpool.

So lots there for those who like the Cunard Queens to enjoy.

Update: I’ve just realised that both of these events will take place over a Bank Holiday weekend. The Southampton meeting, on 3 May, is the Sunday of May BH weekend, while the Liverpool meeting is the Monday of Spring BH weekend.

Queen Victoria off Cowes

Queen Victoria off Cowes

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  1. John Turner says:

    Great information and by chance I will be in IOW from May 2 for a week

    Will Cowes be a good vantage point please or could you suggest somewhere as good / better

    Many thanks John Turner

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